The Power of Hormones Reviews

The product is called “The Power of Hormones” for a reason. The name tells you in only so few words exactly what it is all about.

It's about taking back your personal power as a woman in being able to feel feminine again. The power of hormones describes also the complexities in which hormones, when imbalanced, can bring into our lives.

When balanced, hormones can be a very powerful thing that helps everything from elevating our moods when appropriate to feeling attractive and confident in our daily lives.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

The author of the product The Power of Hormones is a mother of three with a huge interest in spreading her story to as many women who are suffering from hormonal imbalance.

Her name is Ange an she is a woman's health researcher and was once a sufferer of imbalanced hormones as well.

It is what inspired her to create The Power of Hormones and to help motivate other women to take back their life from the control of a completely manageable condition.

Ange suffered for many years from hormonal imbalance. She tried all of the recommended steps from doctors to help alleviate the symptoms.

Ange would walk and exercise all of the time and yet see little to no results. The author would struggle with her energy levels being low, with losing any significant weight from diet and regular exercise, and it truly affected her home life.

When Ange noticed that she was spending less time with her children, she began to feel guilt. No matter who she went to see, no doctor could give her the answer she needed to help her low energy levels. She got to researching as much as she could.

From her research, she compiled all of the ways that she found were the most effective at combating hormonal imbalances.

Thus, effectively eradicating the symptoms that would follow. Now she has The Power of Hormones to show for her efforts and personal struggles, which can thankfully be purchased by anyone and save them the trouble of years more added to their pain.

What Is Included In The Program?

Included in the program The Power of Hormones, it will depend on which package you choose as the best fit for you. Of course, no matter what package you choose, you will get the whole program.

It is just a matter of whether or not you prefer to e-read or if you are more of a fan of having a physical, tangible thing to hold in your hand.

The Power of Hormones program as a whole includes over 140 pages of very important information for any woman with even a slight case of hormonal imbalance issues.

The information in the book covers diagnosis and treatment options, causes, all you need to know about hormones in general, and the difference between balanced and imbalanced hormones.

These treatment options will take both modern and holistic options into consideration.

The three options to choose from, as far as The Power of Hormones packages go, includes the digital only package, the physical package, and for those who like a combination of the two, there is the digital & physical package.

This way you can have the physical book and all of the extras in hand at home and be able to access any part of the book on-the-go.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The Power of Hormones was formulated as a comprehensive wellness program designed specifically to help the re-balancing of hormones in women.

Hormonal issues are a common problem among adult women. The program was created with the explicit purpose to give the health and vitality that women need to be balanced.

The program is not a scam. The program serves readers on a full step, helping them make wise choices in order to adjust their daily lives to live healthier ones.

The methods described in the program are tried and true. Each step is specifically formulated to help improve some area of a woman's life.

There are no gimmicks, tricks, hidden fees, or expensive subscription services. You get exactly what you see, which are tools in whatever package you choose to purchase in order to help you succeed.

For those who do not see results within 60 days, returns are available. No strings attached.

List of Good Points / Pros

  1. Easy to use and easy to follow steps
  2. Convenient packages for both physical and digital fans
  3. 60 Day money back guarantee
  4. A compilation of all of the best information for hormonal treatment in one place
  5. Treatment options on a broad spectrum
  6. A workbook to keep track of your progress
  7. Diet support is included
  8. Tips for lifestyle choices

Who is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

The ideal candidate for The Power of Hormones would be women who are currently dealing with a hormonal imbalance or who believe they may be dealing with a hormonal imbalance.

This is also a great package to purchase as a gift for anyone that you may know is dealing with hormonal imbalance in their own life, including family members or friends that may have PCOS or another condition that goes hand-in-hand with hormonal imbalances.

Does It Work?

The product name does work for the product. As mentioned before, it says exactly what the package does. Everything that the program includes is listed out for any potential candidates to peruse through.

You will be able to gain only as much from the program as you're willing to put in. It is a step program and it does come with a handy workbook, so as long as you are willing to have the discipline to see your goals through, this is a wonderful tool to help you along the way.


This program is highly recommended for any woman who has been dealing with the uncomfortable symptoms of hormone imbalance.

It is great to see an author who has also gone through the ringer herself and can relate to those who she is selling this product to.

Along with the fact that there is a 60 day money back guarantee, there is nothing to lose with at least giving the program a try.

If your personal health and wellness is a top priority, then the program can definitely be a beneficial investment.

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