Natural Migraine and Headache Program Reviews

The Natural Migraine and Headache Program offers a title that is pretty self explanatory. The core product is a book that guides the user through a variety of breathing exercises.

The goal is to counteract oxygen deprivation in the brain, caused by irregular breathing. This is believed to be a major contributing factor in cases of recurring headaches.

These routines are designed to be followed daily over the course of two months, though the product implies that positive results could be seen as soon as the first few weeks.

The Natural Migraine and Headache Program is advertised and sold primarily online through the Blue Heron Health News website.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

The developer of the program is Christian Goodman. Goodman is the CEO and primary writer and editor at Blue Heron Health News.

Blue Heron is an online publication dedicated investigating more naturalistic and alternative solutions to modern medical conditions.

There seem to be little information on Goodman personally and he is not a licensed physician. His biography states he grew up in Iceland.

Alternative medicines typically focus on promoting over all health and wellness, which helps the body counteract, or prevent illness, and mitigate symptoms through natural process.

Goodman states he has always had a fascination with nature, believing the natural world held solutions to problems that had long plagued modern medicine.

He claims to have named his self-published health news website, Blue Heron, after being inspired by an encounter with the iconic bird in it's natural habitat.

What Is Included In The Program?

The Natural Migraine and Headache Program is essentially a series of self-guided breathing exercises designed to help users combat their frequent headaches and migraines by learning to breath better.

These exercises come with written instructions and an illustrated guidebook that will help the reader improve their breathing through daily, do-it-yourself exercises.

The program is designed to take place over a two month period and the author offers their personal expertise to help guide anyone who is having trouble understanding or implementing the information.

There are also a variety of money back guarantees mentioned if the Natural Migraine and Headache program fails to show results within an established time frame.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

Short answer is no, or at least probably not. Health gains are difficult to quantify accurately when it comes to holistic medicine.

As the guide itself states, there are a wide variety of factors that contribute to headache and there's no guarantee that oxygen deprivation is the primary source in a specific case.

However, there is research to support the claim. Certainly, in a world where most people spend the day hunched over desks, car wheels, or computers, taking the time to rethink how important breathing is on a daily basis can lead to some major gains in health and wellness over all.

However, the guide is guilty of selling itself as some sort of guaranteed cure-all for chronic migraines and those claims seem like an over-exaggeration.

The Natural Migraine and Headache Program has a low upfront cost of about $49 dollars, and comes with some return options to mitigate cost.

However, it should be noted that tips for better breathing and similar exercises can be found in many other places, probably for free. Just something to bare in mind before making any purchases.

List of Good Points / Pros

  1. At $49 dollars, the Natural Migraine and Headache Program seems like a solid investment that could reduce headaches and promote better overall health.
  2. The techniques inside rely on natural breathing exercises and daily routines. It offers the buyer some alternatives to medication, which is expensive and can come with unpleasant side effect in high doses.

List of Cons

  1. While the book has a great deal of potential value, it's unlikely to be the magic bullet against chronic migraines that it claims to be. Don't quit seeing your doctor if you've got a serious health condition.

Who is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

Everyone suffers from headaches at some point in their life, however for most of the population they are so infrequent that conventional pain killers will probably do the job just as well.

That said, there are certain groups of people that have to deal with frequent or chronic migraines. In these cases the intense pressure and pain becomes a considerable burden, adding an extra hassle that makes going to work feel like an ordeal.

With triggers seeming everywhere, even everyday tasks become a source of stress and frustration. Ironically, this only makes things worse as feelings of prolonged anxiety or stress tend take to have a physical affect on the brain that makes headaches more common.

For these people, normal medications can only take the edge off and the cost of constant refills can get to be just a bit too much.

For such a person the opportunity to explore a more natural solution that helps them to better manage their headaches is worth following through on.

Even somebody who suffers from infrequent headaches can get something out of the Natural Migraine and Headache Program and it's daily breathing exercises.

Does The Program Work?

Without access to the specific materials it's difficult to determine how well the exercises in the Natural Migraine and Headache Program work.

However, conceptually, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that good breathing can have a positive affect on headaches and similar types of pain.

While breathing exercises can be found through any number of resources, there is a clear benefit to having pre-developed program for the user to follow, as it helps cultivate the sense of repetition and routine that is necessary when trying to implement long-term lifestyle changes.


The Natural Migraine and Headache Program certainly seems like it's worth a try. The primary goal here is to teach the user better breathing habits.

This offers a wide variety of potential health benefits since insufficient oxygen intake is linked to a variety of health issues, including chronic headaches. It costs less than a doctor's visit or refill of painkillers and could improve over all health in any number of ways.

If you're suffering from a serious condition, don't suddenly stop going to you're doctor but using alternative methods like these can provide a supplement that will work with more traditional methods to improve quality of life. That makes The Natural Migraine and Headache Program worth looking into.

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