Defeating Diabetes Kit Reviews

The Defeating Diabetes Kit is a kit of tools designed to help people who are struggling with Diabetes take control of their health without the use of medications.

At the heart of the kit is a substance called resistance starch. Traditional starch is mostly sugar. When we consume carbohydrates, our bodies convert it into sugar.

Starches, in particular, are converted into sugar very quickly. If you have Diabetes, you want to avoid foods that your body can convert to sugar quickly, meaning they are high glycemic foods.

These foods that are high glycemic cause your blood sugar to spike immediately, which means sugar is entered into the bloodstream too quickly and makes it difficult for your body to remove the sugar.

If you have Diabetes, and you consume foods that contain sugar, you want to choose foods that your body has to work hard on to get the sugars.

Resistance Starch

People who have Diabetes can no longer metabolize sugar correctly, and the result is high levels of sugar in their bloodstream.

Elevated levels of sugar can lead to many detrimental health issues. High blood sugar can cause cardiovascular problems, never damage, damage to the kidney, liver, and pancreas.

Resistance starch is not like traditional starch. The Defeating Diabetes Kit Resistance Starch contains 50% fewer calories than conventional starch.

Resistance Starch also only contains two calories in one gram compared to four calories per gram in traditional starch.

Not only does resistance starch have fewer calories, but it also behaves differently than traditional starch when it is consumed.

The Defeating Diabetes Kit Resistant Starch has fiber-like properties, in that like fiber, it makes you feel full. Traditional starch is quickly converted to sugar, spikes your blood sugar level without making you feel satisfied, so you tend to eat more sugars and ends up fueling an unhealthy cycle of poor health.

Resistance starch does not affect the pancreas, nor does it increase your blood sugar, because it passes through our digestive system to the colon.

The good bacteria in our bowels eats the resistant starch. What makes the good bacteria good is it helps keep our stomach healthy by fighting unhealthy bacteria.

Once the resistance starch is consuming by the bacteria, the bacteria reproduce more good bacteria and helps keep your stomach healthy and efficient. There is a link between type two diabetes and harmful bacteria levels in the stomach

Resistance starch is proven to improve insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugars, reduce appetite, and improve weight loss.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

Yuri Elkaim is the creator of Defeating Diabetes Kit. Mr. Elkim is a nutrition and fitness expert and ex-professional soccer player.

What Is Included In The Program?

The Defeating Diabetes Kit includes four books, written by the creator Yuri Elkaim, and the Iso-Burn “No Movement” workout pack.

1. The Super Starch Solution book teaches you about resistant starch and how to use it to fight Diabetes. Specifically, it details the four of the best foods for resistant starch.

It teaches you how to prepare meals for optimal resistant starch consumption and other food secrets relating to starch.

2. How to Eat to Beat Diabetes, details various ways to on how your diet can reverse Diabetes the adverse effect of Diabetes.

How to Eat to Beat Diabetes also includes recipes for 14 meals and how to prepare them so they will not spike your blood sugar.

The recipes in this book are very high in fiber and lean protein to keep you feeling full while controlling how our body processes sugars.

Also included is the “7-day rapid results, how to prepare diabetes-friendly meals” Also contains details on what are low glycemic foods and recommends eight diabetic friendly as well as nine diabetic herbs.

There are also details on what causes Diabetes and secrets on how to defeat Diabetes by changing your lifestyle.

3. 20 Delicious Recipes is another recipe book that includes 20 easy and delicious recipes for people with Diabetes. This book teaches you new methods to help keep your options plentiful, so you don’t grow tired of the same meals.

4. The All-Day Energy Diet Community Cookbook is book packed with recipes designed to keep your energy levels high.

Also included in the Defeating Diabetes Kit is the Iso-Burn “No Movement” workout pack. The Iso Iso-Burn “No Movement” workout pack is a unique workout program to encourage exercise without the need to move and put additional strain on the often-sore bodies of those that have Diabetes.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The short answer is no the Defeating Diabetes Kit is not a scam. The Defeating Diabetes Kit works if you apply what it tells you to do.

It contains scientifically backed practices that if implemented, will work. The Defeating Diabetes Kit teaches you what Diabetes is and how you don’t need medication to defeat it.

List of Good Points / Pros

  1. Stresses the importance of exercise
  2. Teaches you how to manage your food intake
  3. Illustrates the link between poor diet and Diabetes
  4. Includes many recipes and food options for a healthy lifestyle
  5. Helps you understand the science behind what Diabetes is
  6. Affordable
  7. Good value for the price
  8. Created by a trusted fitness and nutrition expert

Who is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

The ideal candidate is anyone who is suffering from Diabetes or anyone that wants to live a healthy lifestyle.

The Defeating Diabetes Kit is not only for people who have been diagnosed with Diabetes but for anyone wishing to eliminate sugars from their diet.

Sugar is the leading cause of many health issues we are faced with today, following the steps laid out by Mr. Yuir Elkaim anyone can incorporate what is laid out in this kit.

Does The Program Work?

I think the program works will work to help reverse the effects of Diabetes. I think Mr. Elkaim has taken a unique approach to how to go about battling Diabetes without the need for medication, and I would recommend it.

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