No Dialysis Needed Reviews

The kidney is one of the most important organs in the human body as it plays a very critical role in the elimination of waste products from the body.

When your kidneys health is overlooked, you will certainly find yourself at the risk of having your kidney suffering from critical diseases which may even result in early death.

Many people suffering from kidney diseases make every attempt to have kidney dialysis done on them in various high class hospitals but some conditions are very difficult to reverse, even with the help of professional doctors.

However, patients with kidney diseases have something to celebrate as No Dialysis Needed program has come to solve their kidney problems once and for all. No more pain with the kidney dialysis!

What is No Dialysis Needed program all about?

“No Dialysis Needed” All Natural Kidney Health And Kidney Function Restoration Program is all about the steps that one can take to improve kidney health and function in a natural way without using man made clinical medications such as kidney dialysis or drugs.

It is all about how your kidney function can get restored without experiencing any adverse side effects as the natural procedure involved is health friendly as opposed to the clinical treatment whereby your kidney may fail completely resulting to the situation where you will need to have a kidney transplant.

It also talks about the foods and supplements needed for a healthy kidney.

Who is the author of No Dialysis Needed program?

The program was created by Robert Galarowicz who once suffered from stage 5 kidney disease at the age of 22 years. It is not that he had always yearned to come up with this life-saving program, but it was the many challenges and risks he faced during his struggle to cure the kidney failure.

It started when he noticed some awkward symptoms characterized by fatigue, moodiness, swelling, constant FOG in the brain, headaches, loss of appetite and depression.

He, therefore, decided to have the strange conditions checked by the doctor. But Robert, together with the nurse who was testing his blood pressure was shocked beyond words when his blood pressure read 190/110.

That was extremely high for someone's survival! All the doctor could conclude was that Robert would be dropping dead anytime as a result of heart attack.

After keen examinations and testing, it was confirmed that Robert had problems with his kidneys. Some could have guessed that he had diabetes but that was the exact opposite of the fact.

Robert got shocked when the doctor told him that he would be dead in 10 years' time! Robert could not believe that all his dreams to get himself a good career, getting married to the woman of his dream and having kids were about to get vanished by this terrible disease.

For two months, the doctors tried to do all they could in order to save his life. They tried treating him using Cyclosporine and Prednisone drugs to see whether the kidney failure would stop.

But all that ended in vain, as the only results they gave was Robert having awful acne and sleepless nights! This troubled him to an extent of making him develop terrible psychosis and depression that saw him being admitted to the hospital.

From the hospital, Robert came to realize the bitter truth that his kidneys were just about to fail completely.

That is when his terrible life began, being injected with needles now and then for kidney dialysis. The experiences were painful and to add on that, it was not a one-day business.

He felt like a captive to the kidney dialysis machine. The problem with that treatment is that once you start it, be ready to take it till the end of your life.

But you may be lucky to get a kidney transplant, that is, if your body does not reject the kidney you will receive from your donor.

Robert finally got a kidney transplant but he was still afraid that he may end up getting to the same kidney dialysis machine after about 15 years.

But after 9 years, that is when he came to realize that his kidney disease was treatable without undergoing all the suffering and afflictions he had gone through for all those years.

He learned of the natural treatments and remedies that could treat kidney diseases, which were unknown to the western countries doctors.

That is when he decided that it was worth to come up with No Dialysis Needed program to assist other patients in treating their kidney diseases without going through kidney dialysis and avoid the sufferings like those he had experienced.

What is included in the program?

The program is very simple as it only includes the vital step-by-step guide on how you can improve the health of your kidneys naturally without going for westernized medical treatments such as kidney dialysis and drugs.

The guide explains how the natural treatment can completely eliminate the need for kidney dialysis.

The program also contains all the real facts concerning kidney diseases so as to help you make a sound decision when seeking treatments.

Also, included in the program are the foods and supplements that one needs to take in order to improve the kidney health and function.

How does the program work?

No Dialysis Needed program works by compiling the best and most effective treatments for kidney diseases.

However, the program is not a replacement of medical treatment for kidney diseases but it just acts as a complement medical care.

The natural thing with this program is that it explains to you on what is required to be done in order to improve the health of your kidney for it to function properly or to restore the functional state of the kidney.

Is it a scam?

No, the program is not a scam. Since the creator has had the first-hand experience of how it feels to suffer from kidney failure, the program is so emotional as the author sounds sympathetic towards those suffering from the same conditions.

In addition, the program has helped many people who have come out to frankly talk about its effectiveness.


  • The program is cheap as the treatments involved are natural; there is no use of clinical treatments which could otherwise be expensive.
  • 100% natural treatment thus there is no substantial alteration from chemicals.
  • The whole exercise is painless
  • It contains detailed information about kidney diseases and treatments not known to medical doctors.
  • Fast as the results are evident in a matter of fewer than 3 months.

Who is the ideal candidate for the program?

Anyone with any kind of kidney disease is eligible for No Dialysis Needed program.

As long as you are not willing to get enslaved by that kidney dialysis machine, you are encouraged to purchase the program and all the issues with your kidneys will get reversed in less than 3 months.

You will also end up lowering the cost that you could have spent in the kidney dialysis.

Does the product work?

Yes, the product works very well. You see, our health is very much determined by what we eat. The program advises you on the foods to eat and the supplements to take in order to improve your kidney health and function.

In addition, many people have tested the product and they have witnessed its effectiveness in healing their kidneys and reversing the conditions of their loved ones. The doctors have even approved the program.


If you have been struggling to have your kidney disease treated without any trace of success, then it is the high time that you try this No Dialysis Needed program.

The program is cheap and effective and you will have your situation reversed without any pain. Just purchase it today and enjoy your life without suffering any more.

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